One-part elastic sealer

One-part elastic sealer can be used very easily; simply push it out of the tube or cartidge! If it contacts air (moisture) it will be cured into a rubber-like elastic body. It has excellent water and air tightness, as well as superb contact, follow-up property and surability.


Modified silicone sealant Silicone sealant
  1. Coating is possible
  2. Excellent rust preventive features
  3. No offensive odor
  4. No electrostatic or contamination due to sticky sealant
  5. Good adhesion with many adherends
  1. Stable performance over an extensive range of temperatures from -50 to
  2. Long-term weatherability to ultraviolet rays, ozone, winds and rain.

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Car repair selaer

The car repair sealer is used to ensure water tightness and air tightness for carious types of cars, and can be divided into the following three types; (1) sealing of sheet metal joint, (2) adhesion and sealing for installation of the window glass, and (3) sealing of weather strip rubber and glass.

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Sealer primer
  • Primer solvent may cause stress cracks to polycarbonate and acrylic adherends, and prior check is necessary.
  • Avoid using the primer for the glass joint from which the adhered surface is exposed directly to ultraviolet light.
  • Use of the primer is essential to improve sealer adhesive property. Select the optimum primer according to the sealer and adherend.
  • Be sure to use primer, if there is joint movement, or materials are porous.
  • Precautions: All primers are combustible. Change of air, and beware of fire before use.

 List of car repair sealer

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