Hot melt adhesive is a 100-percent solid adhesive that is mainly composed of thermoplactic resin and contains no organic solvent agent, and is solid or semi-solid at normal temperature. Hot melt adhesive is coated when melted by heating, and is hardened when cooled, whic completes adhesive.


  1. Hot melt adhesive is 100-percent solid solventless adhesive.
  2. Hot melt adhesive allows quick adhesion.
  3. Hot melt adhesive allows adhesion of an extensive range of materials including plastics.
  4. Hot melt adhesive makes it easy to automate adhesion.

  • Making, sealing, and adhesion of corrugated board and carton cases.
  • Assembly of packages.
  • Assembly and adhesion of electrical and automotive parts.
  • Pressure-sensitives adhesion of film, etc.
For corrugated board and paper working For parts assembly
Hot melt ashesive  

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