The two-part low-odor acrylic adhesive is friendly to envirionment. The two-part acrylic adhesive, whose curing properties do not change much even if the mixing ratio and mixing status vary, has the user friendliness close to one-part adhesive.


1. The reactive acrylic adhesive has the robust strength as the adhesive for structure.
2. The reactive acrylic adhesive is cured quickly.
3. The reactive acrylic adhesive contains no inflammable solvent.
4. The reactive acrylic adhesive does not have so bad odor as the conventional acrylic adhesive.
5. The reactive acrylic ashesive hardly causes skin irritation like the epoxy adhesive.
6. The reactive acrylic adhesive has the adhesive property that remains unchanged for even a slightly oily surface.



  • Assembly of building members.
  • Assembly of signboard.
  • Assembly of furniture.
  • Adhesion and assembly of automotive and vehicle parts.
  • Assembly of magnet.
  • Assembly of sports goods.
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