Mainly composed of alky-alpha-cyanoactylate, instantaneous adhesive is polymerized and cured by a small amount of moisture sucked on the surface of the adherend in a very short time (in several seconds).


1. Quick curing
The instantaneous adhesive features the highest curing speed of all adhesives; curing is achieved in several seconds at a normal temperature.

2. Excellent adhesion
The instantaneous adhesive adheres to a great variety of adherends, providing powerful adhesion comparable to that of epoxy adhesive.

3. Simple adhesion
It is a one-part adhesive which does not require the use of hardener or catalyst, furthermore, adhesion is completed by one drop of coating and gentle fixation.

4. Solventless adhesive
The instantaneous adhesive exhibits little curing shrinkage. It does not involve contamination of the work site environment due to organic solvent, as in the case of a rubber adhesive.


  • Adhesion of rubber parts.
  • Adhesion of electric, electronic, precision and automotive parts.
  • Adhesion of arts and crafts, personal ornaments, jewelry, toys, fishing tackle and sports goods.
  • Prevention of screws and bolts from getting loose.
  • Repair of cracks on natural stone.
  • Adhesion of porous materials (jelly, wood working)
List of Cemedine 3000 Series Relationship between curing speed and adhesives
Set time and adhesion Peeling strength for various materials DX series
Set time and adhesion for steel RX series Adhesion for adhesion-resistant materials RX series
Adhesion durability DX series High strength and durability DX series

Polyolefin adhesion system
Cemedine PPX+PPX-3
(cyanoacrylate adhesive) (primer)
Adhesion of adhesion-resistant materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyacetal, and silicon rubber in a short time. (Combined use of surface modification primer PPX-3 and cyanoacrylate adhesive Cemedine PPX)

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